Call for Papers: The Middle Spaces Academic Round Table

Call for Papers: The Middle Spaces Academic Round Table

The Middle Spaces, an award-winning blog that covers comics, music, and culture, invites submissions for an academic roundtable on the subject of letter columns and other comics book paratexts to be co-edited by Osvaldo Oyola and Leah Misemer and published in early 2020.

Those interested in contributing should email a clearly articulated question they seek to explore in their essay, an abstract of no more than 200 words describing their approach to the question, and the title of a comics text they plan to use as an example or subject for their contribution. In addition, please include a brief bio. Send contributions to

Possible Topics Include:

    • Letter columns: columns that extend the fictional world of the comic, extended conversations, letter hacks, planted letters, community building

    • Advertisements: perceived audience, incorporation of comic characters into ads, selling ad space, fake or mock ads

    • Circulation Info: copyright, sales numbers

    • Editorial: creator credits, political responses, bullpen as virtual space, summaries, continuity and footnotes

    • Covers: various cover elements (e.g. Code symbol, pricing, issue labeling), cover narratives and connection (or lack thereof) to inner content

Please submit proposals by Monday, November 18, and submitters will be notified by or on Monday, December 16. We hope to publish the roundtable in the first quarter of 2020.

You can download a Word document version of this CFP for sharing, here.

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