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Proposal to join the CFHSS

Proposal to join the CFHSS


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  The CSSC/SCEBD is both a scholarly association and a professional one. We are very proud of the scholarly contributions that our members make to the interdisciplinary field of comics studies and to the quality of our annual conference; however, we feel that further steps are necessary to enhance the standing of comics scholarship within our home disciplines and to grow the Society into a national scholarly association.

From time to time, we have debated the desirability of joining the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, an umbrella organization of over 160 learned societies and institutions of higher education in order to “promote dialogue on ideas and issues that are critical to the public and research communities.” In addition to their advocacy and public outreach activities and administering the Aids for Scholarly Publishing Program, the Federation – in association with a host university – convenes the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences annually.

Your executive is seeking a mandate from the membership to join the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, ideally in time to hold our next annual meeting as part of Congress 2019 in Vancouver.

There are several implications of this decision to consider. Most importantly, this will make the CSSC/SCEBD conference more expensive to attend:

  • We will pay annual dues to the Federation, which are calculated on a per-member basis but capped $500 and 7,500. (At present, we make an annual contribution of $500 to TCAF and receive two rooms here at the Marriott in exchange.)

  • While we will remain free to set our own membership dues and conference rates, all delegates to a conference held at Congress must also register for Congress and pay their registration fee (see Table). These fees support overhead, logistical support, costs for running the expo / book fair, and plenary events. They include space at the host university for all conferences, while our own fees would need to cover keynote speakers we invite, A/V, and any catering or translation services we choose to provide.

In exchange, we would be able to apply for and access funds earmarked for inviting international keynote speakers (which we are seeking to bring in, roughly, every other year) and for holding interdisciplinary roundtables in partnership with other scholarly associations at Congress. In addition, the individual host universities typically offer some travel funding to student delegates and support for accessibility accommodations, though the precise amounts and services available will vary from event to event. Less tangibly, members would have opportunities for professional advancement that we can’t offer right now, meeting with university press editors at the Expo to discuss potential projects or bringing program officers from SSHRC or MITACS in to listen to our concerns.

Importantly, the conference would now move, enabling scholars based in different regions of the country who might not otherwise be able to attend our annual meetings in Toronto, and travel stipends can be stretched by combining several conferences into one trip.

Let us be clear: we have benefited immensely from our partnership with TCAF, and we know that the Festival has been and remains a draw for many conference attendees. But, at a time when the field of comics studies is showing immense growth in published research contributions, successful external grants, and numbers of scholars pursuing comics research, we feel that our society may not be able to keep up while remaining locked into these dates and this location – moreover, that it is important that comics studies and not only individual comics scholars be represented at the country’s largest gathering of humanities and social science researchers.

Table. Cotisations pour le Congrès 2018 (U. De Regina) / Registration Fees for Congress 2018 (U Regina)

Prècoces / Early Bird Rates

Règuliers / Regular Rates




Étudiants, retraités et sans salaire / Students, retired and unwaged



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